CPA Approved Training Office (ATO) Program

How we work

At Rogers, there are five core beliefs and five shared values that guide and define the way we work. We want people on our team who understand their importance and bring them to life:

What we believe in

The world always needs new ideas

The customer’s problems are ours to solve

Investing in people always pays off

Being the best is the only goal worth having

We win as a team, or not at all

How we work

Simplify and innovate

Take ownership of the what and the how

Equip people to succeed

Execute with discipline and pride

Talk straight, build trust, and over-deliver

Recruitment timelines and process

Recruitment process for this program starts in September, a calendar year ahead of the program start date:

  • Week 1

    Roles posted

  • Week 2

    Application deadline and start of recruiter phone interview

  • Week 3

    First and second round interviews

  • Week 4

    Offers extended and accepted

  • Following September

    Program starts the following September!

What you can expect in the program

Obtaining your CPA is a major accomplishment, and we want to help you realize your goals. Our three-year rotational program provides you with an opportunity to gain the practical experience required by CPA Ontario while you affirm key skills.

Diverse on-the-job learning

Each year, you’ll be immersed in a different area of focus – from External Reporting to Media Finance Operations, you’ll get to experience the dynamic nature of accounting and/or finance at Rogers and diversify your on-the-job learning in the process.

Access to experienced members

To ensure you’re equipped for success, we’ll match you with a counselling member who will be there throughout the program. They’ll be experienced members of our Finance team, which means they’ll be able to answer your questions and offer valuable insight and guidance.

We’ve got you covered

On the exam front, we provide you with access to exam preparation courses and partner you with a CFE mentor who will help guide you through the study process. Finding balance between work and studying can be a challenge, so we support exam fees and preparation costs to allow you to focus on what matters: achieving your long-term career goals with us.

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