New Grad Spotlight: Meghan Collie, Digital Editor, KiSS 92.5

May 31, 2018

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Meghan Collie, Digital Editor, KiSS 92.5

We sat down with Meghan Collie, Digital Editor, KiSS 92.5, as part of our monthly series that profiles unique jobs around Rogers.

What is your role on the team? Describe what you do everyday.

I’m responsible for creating and curating digital content for This means scanning trending topics and writing articles as well as, pulling popular content from other Rogers Media brands, particularly in Publishing. In addition, I manage the KiSS 92.5 social media accounts.

How is the New Grad program setting up your career for success?

The New Grad program has helped me to join a network of other like-minded young professionals while allowing me to explore all the options that Rogers has to offer. The ability to move from one position to another all within a year is a very unique experience in terms of normal career paths, and it’s given me time to be thoughtful about what I want my own career path to look like. It’s the ideal way to enter a workforce and an industry that is always changing.

Why is the work environment at Rogers well suited for a new grad looking to launch their career?

A new grad is full of energy, excitement, eagerness and that is exactly what the work environment brings. Someone who loves a challenge and enjoys learning new things. I also love that you will always have support every step of the way.

How has the New Grad team/program helped with the transition of joining a company?

The New Grad program helped with the transition to the corporate culture by providing an extensive 2-week onboarding session where we practiced using the Rogers presentation style, learned about the way Rogers is organized and more! It also really helps to have a cohort of other people who are your age and are going through the same thing you are. You always have someone to chat and eat lunch with!

Tell us about the people you work with – what makes them great?

My team is constantly supportive and endlessly game for whatever new (and often crazy) idea I have. My manager is always ready to listen to the suggestions I put forward, often helping me to make them a reality. Everyone is up for a challenge—even if it doesn’t benefit them directly—and that kind of teamwork really allows for me to be creative, which I really enjoy!

Why should someone consider joining the Rogers team?

Joining the New Grad program at Rogers is awesome to get your foot in the door, and behind the door are approximately 18,000 more doors. Once you’re here, the people who support you are ready to make your goals a reality(provided you’re willing to work for it). There’s endless opportunity for lateral and upward transitions, making a job at Rogers less of a gig and more of a career. All the resources necessary for success are literally at your fingertips.

Connect with Meghan on Linkedin to learn more about her career journey.

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