New Grad Spotlight: Michael Capostagno Network Intelligence Specialist – Cable

June 29, 2018

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Michael Capostagno, Network Intelligence Specialist

We sat down with Michael Capostagno, Network Intelligence Specialist as part of our monthly series that profiles unique jobs around Rogers.

What is your role on the team? Describe what you do everyday

I’m a Specialist in the Cable Network Intelligence team. We work with large quantities of data to ensure the Network is delivering the best possible experience for our customers.

What inspired you to join the team at Rogers?

I knew that after university I wanted to work for a well-respected, proudly Canadian company in the technology sector that would allow me opportunities to grow my career. Rogers not only meets, but far exceeds anything I could have hoped for!

How did the New Grad program set up your career for success?

The New Grad program exposed me to various new technologies while also packing five years worth of people networking into a year. This helped me to understand and build relationships with numerous parts of our organization, which has led to greater collaboration.

How did the New Grad team/program help with the transition of joining a company?

The New Grad program really helped because you are not joining the company alone. You have a group of fellow New Grads who are going through the same experiences as you, so you can navigate the challenges of beginning your career together.

What makes you proud to work for Rogers?

I am proud to work for Rogers because we are not only working hard to provide the best service possible for our customers, but we are also working to help the community as a whole – as shown by our recent company wide volunteer day initiative.

Connect with Michael on Linkedin to learn more about his career journey.

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