New Grad Spotlight: Shruti Sanikary, New Grad – Information Technology

May 31, 2018

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Shruti Santikary, New Grad – Information Technology

We sat down with Shruti Santikary, Rogers Information Technology New Graduate as part of our monthly series that profiles unique jobs around Rogers.

What inspired you to join the team at Rogers?

Rogers, the brand name that it is, is something I grew up hearing about. When it was time to finally start my career after school, Rogers was one of the top companies I wanted to work for!

Why is the work environment at Rogers well suited for a new grad looking to launch their career?

Rogers has a very warm and welcoming work environment. Employees are more than happy to help and take time out of their day to teach you. It is the perfect place for new graduates who are looking to expanding their knowledge and further develop their skills.

How has the New Grad team/program helped with the transition of joining a company?

The New Grad program is an excellent way to transition into a company and your career. Being fresh out of school, with minimal experience in the professional workforce, the New Grad program becomes one of the best ways to integrate and familiarize yourself with the work culture. It allows you to learn how to network with people, develop and build on your existing soft skills along with learning about the company as a whole.

Why is it important to embrace change?

Change is inevitable. With life bringing new challenges your way everyday, it is very important to be dynamic and be able to handle the obstacles that come your way and adapt quickly. Working in a fast-paced environment, it’s important to keep up with technological advancements and be able to think outside the box to accommodate changes while keeping in mind the customer impact.

What makes you proud to work for Rogers?

Rogers is a brand name known to most, if not all. Meeting an individual for the first time and talking about where you work, mentioning Rogers and all the opportunities it provides their employees makes me proud to be apart of this company.

Connect with Shruti on Linkedin to learn more about her career journey.

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  1. Gurlal Singh says:

    Great Post! It’s been a pleasure to work with Shruti during my last co-op placement. She is hard working girl and knows exactly how to handle complicated tasks.
    Indeed, I would love to join the rotational new-grad program at Rogers. It is the top company in Information Technology to work for.