What I Wish I Knew…When I Was Applying for My First Job

September 10, 2018

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By: Tenyka Snider 

A job search – especially your first one – can be a daunting task. The entry-level job market is competitive, with eager new graduates around every corner looking to make an impact in their industry.

The age-old question is, how do you stand out from the crowd? At Rogers, we understand the power of diverse perspectives and encourage candidates to embrace their uniqueness throughout the application process. Here’s some helpful advice for you to consider as you take the first step in your career journey.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

You already know that your resume is your first opportunity to make an impression with an employer, and that you have to make it count. Of course, trying to capture who you are as a person and professional in a single page is no easy feat. Start out with a few golden rules: tailor your resume to each individual opportunity you apply to and organize your experience in a way that illustrates impact. You only get about 15 seconds to win us over, so your resume needs to work hard and highlight your star qualities efficiently.

Use action/benefit statements to demonstrate how your abilities and experiences made a positive impact. These statements generally consist of a description of the action you took and the result achieved. Here’s an example statement: “Actively managed student council Twitter account and increased content engagement by 32%”
“Put yourself in the shoes of the [recruiter] – they don’t want to hear the same thing over and over again on each resume. Use your resume to showcase how you preformed the job, not what the job was.”

– Michael McDonald, IT New Grad


Leave a Lasting Impression When You Interview

It’s safe to say that if you’re at the interview stage, we were impressed by your resume and want to learn more about you. Be prepared for behavioural, situational, and technical questions because every hiring manager has their own personal style when it comes to assessing fit (and fit is what it’s all about!) We want to know if you’ll fit in with our fast-paced environment, culture, and team dynamic. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and share ideas to ensure that we’re a good fit for you too.

Another important thing to remember? Your interview begins the moment you walk through the door, so be on your best behaviour! Everyone at our organization is part of our team, from the parking attendant to the CEO, so every impression you make matters.  You never know who you might share an elevator ride with.

“Before an interview, research the products and services the company offers, the industry, and any challenges within the company and the role. During the interview, I was completely nervous, but I kept in mind that I was interviewing the company as much as they were interviewing me. Leverage your accomplishments, and understand your weaknesses as most companies just want to know that you are willing to learn and grow.”

– Christine Luu, IT New Grad

Be Okay With Change

The reality of the working world is that the scope of your role will constantly evolve as business priorities change. Embrace it! This is all part of the fun in our fast-paced industry and one of the many things that makes coming to work exciting everyday. It’s critical that everyone on our team maintains a flexible mindset when working in such a dynamic environment. Change can be a great opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and get involved in something new. Not only will this help you view your role beyond the job description, but it will also help you diversify your portfolio, making you more marketable for future opportunities with our broader team.
“In the first few months of my role out of school I followed my job description very closely, making sure to not step on any toes. I quickly learned that it’s all about finding new ways to help the business. In Rogers’ fast paced environment there are new projects starting every day; regardless of your title, if you have the courage to put your hand up and offer an opinion, people will listen.”

 – George Goddard, Digital Sales Coordinator

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  1. Amit Shukla says:

    Excellent blog, loved reading and learning from it. I firmly believe that change is the only constant in this disruptive world and we must embrace it, it’s so much fun learning new technologies and new ways of doing business!